Dave-- lead vocals, guitar, bodhran, cavities

Dave likes hotrods, whiskey, and tattoos. He was born about 30 years too late to drive a really cool car.



Tim -- bass, vocals.

Tim is the only one with the password to this website so he doesn't have to say anything here.



Andrew -- jack of all trades, master of three- rocking the mic, rockin the floor, rockin the young lay-dees.

oh yeah. and banjo. he's from georgia.



Matt (RatBoy) -- highland pipes, bouzouki, whistle, vocals, rubbing alcohol, guitar.



Brendan -- uillean pipes, whistle, guitar, vocals, lucky strikes.

Brendan's new best friend is a dog named Conrad.

He wrote The Mon Song about his great grandma growing up in Pittsburgh, but if you ask dave he'll tell you she grew up in Pheonix or something.



Doug -- drums, spoons, bodhran.

Doug's been playing punk in this town since you were in diapers, kid. Don't even try it.



Cheryl -- Back from Florida, our favorite accordian player is back. . With her tuba playing husband Zac she is also in The Itinerant Locals-- set to rock Seattle once more.